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> This brings to mind a something that's bugged me a bit about the post-JAE 
> Who...if it was sooooo necessary that the Who needed a "Keith Moon type 
> drummer" (that Jones wasn't), why hasn't it been necessary for the Who to need a 
> "John Entwistle like" bassist?

which brings me to ask the question: IS there a "John entwistle like" 
bassist?  I mean, there have been some great drummers who could've filled the 
drummer's seat following keith's death (phil collins reportedly asked. I think he 
would've been a good choice). of course, no one can be like keith behind the 
drums (or anywhere else for that matter. maybe ozzy. ha), but there have been some 
pretty good contenders through the years that could've done the job and made 
it at least SEEM like they're playing in keith's style a la what zak is doing, 
but are there any real good contenders for the bass?  I for one don't think 

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