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> Then there are ones where there are two shows played with the same  clothes 
> on and they ink the word "Noxious" on their arm one night and  "Obnoxious" 
> on 
> the next night to tell the difference. -And somewhere hidden like  a 
> surprise 
> on the DVD you can even see a flash of the band watching  themselves play 
> from 
> the audience.  ;-)
> _YouTube -  white stripes Truth Doesn't Make a Noise_ 
> (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs-QkRaocqA&feature=related)  

ha!  "under blackpool Lights". have it. good stuff.   never knew that about 
Jack's "obnoxious" arm.  and where exactly are they in the audience?

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