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Martin Bailey mbailey at
Thu Jan 22 09:03:06 UTC 2009

Thanks Bruce, for a really good start to my day.  This sounds great.  It's brilliant to see one of favourite (well, top 5) Who albums get the double CD Deluxe treatment.

> Rumoured release date for Sell Out date is March 16-17.

June then.  


Nothing on either or yet.

> iconic sleeve design - created by David King (art director at the Sunday Times) and Roger Law (who 
> invented Spitting Image)

Roger Law as in "Fluck and Law"?  I did not know that.

Just to pick out the interesting tracks:

> Disk 1
> 1. Armenia City In The Sky Incl. Two "Radio London" Jingles 
> ...

Notice how they're really padding out this tracklist to make it sound more interesting?

> 13. Real (1 & 2) 
> 14. Rael - Naive

So "Rael Part 1" has become "Parts 1 & 2" again, and "Part 2" has now become "Rael - Naive".  I think I can just about keep up with this.

> 20. Summertime Blues Previously Unreleased 

Really?  Another studio version which hasn't been released before?

> 23. Sodding About Previously Unreleased 

Heard of it, but haven't heard it yet.  Looking forward to this one.

> 24. Premier Drums Full Version Previously Unreleased 

I doubt that a longer version of this "song" can really improve it much.

> 25. Odorono Final Chorus 

Nice enough.

> 27. Things Go Better With Coke 

Or Pepsi.  Just as an aside: Do you think that Pepsi knew that the Who had originally written songs about Coke, before choosing them to advertise Pepsi?

> 30. Rael (1 & 2) Remake Version

Woohoo!  I love this song, and would love to hear a new version of it.

>Disk 2

> 16. Relax Early Rehearsal 

Woohoo!  I love this song, and would love to hear a new version of it.  Again.

> 18. Glittering Girl Previously Unreleased Version 


> 19. Tattoo Early Mono Mix 

Do you think this is a mono mix of an early take, or an early mono mix of the same take?

> 20. Our Love Was Take 12 Rejected Mono Mix 


> 21. Rotosound Strings With Final Note 

Hard to get too excited about a single note.  (Unless this is the single note that binds the whole universe together.)

> 24. Armenia City In The Sky Isolated Backwards Tracks 

Sounds interesting...?  So is this just those bits of the original song which are played backwards, on their own?  I wonder if we can then reverse this track, to see what it sounds like forwards...

> 25. Great Shakes Unreleased US Radio Commerical 

Strange this has never been officially released before.  Such a stock track from numerous early bootlegs.

Sounds like a great release.  Can't wait.


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