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Rumoured release date for Sell Out date is March 16-17.


Originally released in December 1967, The Who Sell Out arrived at the tail end of a remarkable year in popular culture. As well as being forever immortalised as the moment when the counterculture and the Love Generation went global, 1967 produced tremendous musical upheavals as "pop" metamorphosed to "rock", elevating the likes of Cream, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, Traffic and the West Coast groups to prominence - both on the underground scene and the commercial arena. The homage to pop-art is evident in both the advertising jingles and the iconic sleeve design - created by David King (art director at the Sunday Times) and Roger Law (who invented Spitting Image) producing four giant images for each band member - Odorono deodorant, Medac spot cream, Charles Atlas and Heinz baked beans! Stunning reissue of the classic Who album from 1967, now upgraded to a greatly expanded 2-CD version in the acclaimed Deluxe edition range, remastered from the original stereo and mono masters for the first time. This is the first official re-release of the mono mix (in the US and UK) since 1967 and comes with eleven previously unreleased songs and/or mixes. The 28-page booklet contains unseen photos and 1960s period advertisements. CD sleeve features out-takes from the original October 1967 album cover photo session by David Montgomery. The initial quantities include limited edition replica of Osiris Visions poster that was packaged only with the original first pressing of album. Introductory essay by noted rock writer Dave Marsh and in-depth liner notes by Who biographer Andy Neill. 
Disc 1 
1. Armenia City In The Sky Incl. Two "Radio London" Jingles 
2. Heinz Baked Beans Incl. "More Music" Jingle 
3. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand Acoustic/Incl. Premier Drums Commercial/Radio London Jingle 
4. Odorono Incl. Radio London 'Smooth Sailing' Jingle 
5. Tattoo Incl. 'Church Of Your Choice' Radio London Jingle 
6. Our Love Was Incl. Pussycat/Speakeasy/Rotosound Jingles,Commercials 
7. I Can See For Miles 
8. I Can't Reach You Incl. Charles Atlas Commercial 
9. Medac a.k.a. Spotted Henry 
10. Relax 
11. Silas Stingy 
12. Sunrise 
13. Real (1 & 2) 
14. Rael - Naive Incl. John Mason's Cars (Rehearsal) Commercial 
15. Someone's Coming Incl. Radio London 'Weather Word' Jingle 
16. Early Morning Cold Taxi incl. Radio London News Bulletin Jingle 
17. Jaguar incl. Extra Wonderful Radio London Jingle 
18. Coke After Coke 
19. Glittering Girl 
20. Summertime Blues Previously Unreleased 
21. John Mason Cars 
22. Girl's Eyes Incl. Bag O' Nails Jingle 
23. Sodding About Previously Unreleased 
24. Premier Drums Full Version Previously Unreleased 
25. Odorono Final Chorus 
26. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand Mirasound Version 
27. Things Go Better With Coke 
28. In The Hall Of The Mountain King 
29. Top Gear 
30. Rael (1 & 2) Remake Version - Incl. Track Records Jingle 

Disc 2 
1. Armenia City In The Sky 
2. Heinz Baked Beans 
3. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand Mono Version 
4. Odorono Original Version 
5. Tattoo 
6. Our Love Was 
7. I Can See For Miles 
8. I Can't Reach You 
9. Medac a.k.a. Spotted Henry (mono) 
10. Relax (mono) 
11. Silas Stingy (mono) 
12. Sunrise (mono) 
13. Rael (1 & 2) Incl. Track Records Run-Off Groove 
14. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand U.S Single Version originally released as US B-side to `I Can See For Miles' 
15. Someone's Coming U.K Single Mix - Originally released as US B-side to `I Can See For Miles' 
16. Relax Early Rehearsal 
17. Jaguar Original Mono Mix 
18. Glittering Girl Previously Unreleased Version 
19. Tattoo Early Mono Mix 
20. Our Love Was Take 12 Rejected Mono Mix 
21. Rotosound Strings With Final Note 
22. I Can See For Miles Early Mono Mix 
23. Rael Early Mono Mix 
24. Armenia City In The Sky Isolated Backwards Tracks 
25. Great Shakes Unreleased US Radio Commerical 

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