Pepsi Generation

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Wed Jan 21 18:57:43 UTC 2009

Kevin in VT disgusted us with this horrid concoction:

> give me 3/4 Diet Pepsi with 1/4 Orangina or Fanta.  It's what the German's 
> call a "Spa:tzy."
> Damn tasty!


I once went into a pub, and ordered a coke and an orange juice.  (Expecting 
two separate drinks, of course.)  The barman looked at me funny, and asked 
if I was sure.  I said yes.  He then mixed me a coke and orange juice 
together.  I was so shocked, I had to drink it.  It was brown and cloudy, 
and very disgusting.

Here's some relevant MP3s:

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-MB (currently drinking a Diet Cherry Coke.  C. H. E. R. R. Y.  Cola)

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