jimthewhofan at jimthewhofan at
Tue Jan 20 15:11:45 UTC 2009


>>"I am not a Who fan, I have always wanted to stop. (I feel I should insert a 
smiley face here or something, but I am not being ironic, I really don't like 
being in The Who very much, but that is another story)."<<


 Really, it's not that stunning. At least not to me. If memory serves, so much of his talk about his renewed work in/with the Who starting in the 1990s was about how he did it to serve/help someone else, not because he felt internally motivated to take the mantle of the Who back up. He has said much of the work the Who did in the 90s was because John was always running out of money. And after John's death, Pete made mention of continuing to work with Roger as "the Who" as wanting to give something to Roger, to do something for Roger. 

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