Pepsi Generation

Tue Jan 20 04:20:04 UTC 2009

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> OK, I haven't seen the commercial but I'm a Pepsi fan
> (who enjoys a Coke on occasion).  Looks like -- so 
> far -- it's 2-1 in favor of Coke over Pepsi.  Anyone else 
> wanna chime in on their favo(u)rite soda/pop?  Bubble Up?

don't drink soda much anymore, but when I did, it was pepsi. and I still do 
enjoy sunkist, slice and mountain dew on occasion. I dig root beer as well, 
though I forgot the brand name. it's not A&W, it's another one. 

I saw the commercial for the first time just now. you all know how I feel 
about songs in commercials, but I guess if you're gonna do one that shows one 
"generation" going into another, is there a better song to accompany it? nope. 

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