Roger joins Babyshambles

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Wed Jan 14 13:33:38 UTC 2009

Brian said:

>From NME:
> Babyshambles joined onstage by Roger Daltrey
> For a full report on the gig, including the setlist, check NME.COM 
> tomorrow.

Setlist from  is below.

I can't remember the last time Roger sung "A Legal Matter" - it must have 
been many, many years ago.

The Johnny Cash songs were "Ring Of Fire"( which The Who have played before, 
in 1999) and  "I Got Stripes" (which I believe is a first for Roger).

There's also a video of Roger & Babyshambles playing "My Generation". 
Better than I expected, I must admit (but my expectations were never very 


Babyshambles and Roger Daltrey played:

'Beg, Steal And Borrow'
'Baddies Boogie'
'There She Goes (A Little Heartache)'
'Time For Heroes'
'A Legal Matter' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Substitute' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere' (with Roger Daltrey)
'The Kids Are Alright' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Magic Bus' (with Roger Daltrey)
'I Can't Explain' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Behind Blue Eyes (Roger Daltrey solo)
'I Got Stripes' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Ring Of Fire' (with Roger Daltrey)
'Side Of The Road'
'Fuck Forever'
'My Generation' (with Roger Daltrey)

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