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Very respectable on Roger indeed.
I'd like to add Geoffe Tate of Queensryche to the list.
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Roger is a respectable  5th.


Throughout December 2008 we asked you to tell us  who you thought had the 
Greatest Voice In Rock and thousands of you duly  complied.

And the results are in...

With just under 10% of the  votes to himself you named Led Zeppelin's iconic 
frontman, Robert Plant as the  greatest rock singer of all time.

It's impossible now to imagine Led  Zeppelin without that trademark howl, but 
Plant was famously the second choice  singer for Jimmy Page in 1968. After 
Terry Reid rejected the chance to join  the New Yardbirds he recommended Plant 
and the rest is, as they say, history.  Plant went on to sell 300 million 
records as a member of Zep and as a solo  artist, and with one of the most 
distinctive voices in rock that, as 2007's  Zep gig proved, has aged pretty well you 
can't really argue against Percy's  place at the top of the Rock Vocalist pile.

Meanwhile, Queen as a band  also did rather well in the list. Original 
frontman Freddie Mercury came in at  number two, while the band's current incumbent 
of the microphone and former  Free and Bad Company singer, Paul Rodgers, came 
in at number  three.

Similarly Deep Purple, Black Sabbath , AC/DC and Van Halen did  pretty well 
with multiple singers in the list.

Thirty-two of the top  forty are still performing today, while the youngest 
entrant in the list is  former Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris 
Cornell who made the list at  number 39.

And the only female representation in the top 40 is Janis  Joplin, who is at 
number 21. Stevie Nicks and Grace Slick fell just short of  the list.

Here's the Top Forty Greatest Voices In Rock

1. Robert  Plant 
2. Freddie Mercury
3. Paul Rodgers 
4. Ian Gillan 
5. Roger  Daltrey 
6. David Coverdale 
7. Axl Rose 
8. Bruce Dickinson
9.  Mick Jagger 
10. Bon Scott
11. David Bowie 
12. Jon Bon Jovi 
13.  Steven Tyler 
14. Jon Anderson 
15. Bruce Springsteen 
16. Steve  Perry 
17. Ozzy Osbourne 
18. Bono
19. Peter Gabriel 
20. James  Hetfield 
21. Janis Joplin 
22. Brian Johnson
23. Roger Chapman  
24. Phil Lynott 
25. Glenn Hughes 
26. Joe Cocker 
27. Jim  Morrison 
28. Alex Harvey 
29. Alice Cooper 
30. Ronnie James Dio  
31. Sammy Hagar 
32. Meat Loaf 
33. Rob Halford
34. Geddy Lee  
35. Biff Byford 
36. David Gilmour 
37. Fish
38. Dave Lee Roth  
39. Chris Cornell
40. Neil Young

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