Kennedy Center Observations

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sun Jan 4 01:00:38 UTC 2009

I finally saw the broadcast.  Very nice.  Touching at times.
I couldn't help but think what a turn-around this was for Pete,
who, as we know, was arrested a few years ago & suspected
of you-know-what.  Think about that.  He's gotta feel pretty
good.  And lucky.

I also found it amusing that Pete shared this honor with good
'ole Roger, his sometimes nemesis.  They've had their ups & 
downs, they're closer now than they ever have been, but they 
still freely admit they're not exactly chummy.

But there they were, side by side, with their medals.  Two
survivors, shaking hands.  It still seems surreal to me but they
definitely deserved this honor.  

- SCHRADE in Akron

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