Kennedy Center Observations

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Fri Jan 2 14:35:41 UTC 2009

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>Subject: Kennedy Center Observations
>Of the songs represented, I think that Pete was most proud of LROM. Not  only because of the performance, but because of >the song itself.  It is dignified. It is classical. It is timeless. It is a  gut-wrenching cry for the freedom and relief >of genuine, true love.
>Bettye did it  justice because she hit that vein and sang it from her  soul.
>Pete, as he is so gifted at doing, says what we all would like to be able  to say and he has never done it better than in >that song. I think we saw  him getting a big drink.

Yep, I copied every word above again, because it was that well written.
Hit that nail on the head, you did, Jon!

I wonder if there's a Bettye LaVette fan page where we can send out appreciations?
"Big fan!"
Kevin in VT

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