Lennon Song for Christmas

John pureneasy at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Jan 1 22:34:10 UTC 2009

Martin, re

> > No offence, but these are exactly the sort of songs I was trying to 
> > avoid!

I taske no offence at all, but there are those on this list who know I have
AN ALMOST FATAL LIKING FOR GREAT POP. Ever since the early '60's, I've loved
the pop music that has graced the radio stations of this country, and I
think these are the best of the pop Christmas songs.

Hell, I like Mel & Kim and the Reynolds girls, too, and don't get me started
on Abba, who I think are the bees knees. So while I will never lose my
preferences for the more metally end of the market, I will always love the
great pop songs.

Sadly since about 1991, the great pop songs have dried up and I can barely
listen to what are supposed to be "chart songs" now. However, that's as it
probably should be, as on more than the odd occasion I've found myself
saying to my daughter "What the hell is that " and realising I sound exactly
like my father did 40 years ago when we were watching top of the pops!



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