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> Then why not say, "He ran out of songs for the Who and pursued a successful 
> solo and literary career"? For those not in the know, the piece as written 
> makes Townshend come off as musically barren in the intervening years. 

yeah, true.   what does it say when the tributes to george Jones and 
streisand were longer and quite extensive on television as oppose to townshend / 
daltrey with the edited down performances and the completely cut performance of 
chris cornell?  

other sutble who honors during the kennedy center special: you might remember 
pete going on about garth brooks at his VH1 storytellers performance ("I 
might just get me one of them 'ats.") and there he was honoring Jones.  and of 
course, let's not forget that rog appeared in the video for streisand's 

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