Kennedy Center Observations

Thu Jan 1 13:26:16 UTC 2009

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lewinski at writes:

> watched the KCH again last night and saw the tribute to 
> Morgan Freeman
> for the first time.   I did love the musicians they assembled to honor 
> him and Pete
> and Roger's reaction to these members of their musical ancestry.   That 
> was a
> subtle, double honor for them.

I notice the whole night, even with the other honorees, there were subtle 
salutes to the who for the die-hards to catch. there were the great bluesmen who 
inspired them as was pointed out. there was a "sinatra suite" performed in 
honor of twyla tharp with frank singing "that's Life" which was the rendition 
featured in the episode of "CSI" with roger's guest appearance (he even performs 
it in that karaoke bar scene), and of course, what was the last song performed 
at the ceremony? "there's a place for us..". ah, we miss you moonie! : )

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