Kennedy Center Observations

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Thu Jan 1 13:24:16 UTC 2009

 >>>it does seem to me that entwistle, with each who bio that comes 
along since
his death, is being under-estimated inch by inch, and it's very 
sickening to
me. they did make it seem like he wasn't there for the CFNY (which he so 
and he even did a gig with his "other" band later that same night in 
that very
same city for the very same cause, but no one mentions that ever.)  
what's even
worse is that the whole thing was narrated by Jack black who maybe should
know better.

Yeah, John got the shaft on this.    Jack Black probably was reading from a
prepared script written by someone that apparently does not visit
or read on a regular basis.    I can't fault Jack.   
been pretty busy.   Definitely not slacking off.

The guy who really got the shaft is Doug Sandom - no mentions of 
him....  :-)

Joe in Philly - watched the KCH again last night and saw the tribute to 
Morgan Freeman
for the first time.   I did love the musicians they assembled to honor 
him and Pete
and Roger's reaction to these members of their musical ancestry.    That 
was a
subtle, double honor for them.

Joe in Philly

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