Kennedy Center observations

Thu Jan 1 12:44:30 UTC 2009

maybe they were referring to pete not having any songs left FOR THE WHO, not 
for himself solo.  didn't pete say circa 1982-83 that he couldn't write for 
the band anymore and asked springsteen to collaborate for the planned follow-up 
to "it's hard", or something to that effect? 

it does seem to me that entwistle, with each who bio that comes along since 
his death, is being under-estimated inch by inch, and it's very sickening to 
me. they did make it seem like he wasn't there for the CFNY (which he so was, 
and he even did a gig with his "other" band later that same night in that very 
same city for the very same cause, but no one mentions that ever.)  what's even 
worse is that the whole thing was narrated by Jack black who maybe should 
know better. 

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