Religulous DVD

Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Feb 17 02:39:24 UTC 2009

I got the DVD of Religulous & watched it with commentary 
by Bill Maher & director Larry Charles (Borat), & when "The
Seeker" plays at the beginning they get into a little discussion
about The Who!  Here's my transcript: 

Larry Charles:  This song....interestingly about this song is that
you wrote this great email to Pete Townshend to ask to use the
song in the movie & he actually turned you down.  And then two
days later....apropos of nothing....reconsidered on his own &
granted us the rights....

Bill Maher:  No, it was not two days later, it was the same day,
because I had both emails at the time I got up & started reading
my emails.

LC:  Oh, I see.

BM:  The first one said, "No," & then he said he thought about 
it a while & it gave him some good idea &...he therefore said OK.
Which I thought was such a cool thing to do, to be able to....

LC:  It renewed my faith in The Who, actually.  I have....I used
to love The Who & then I kinda lost track of them, & I've....
because of that gesture....I've become a renewed fan.

BM:  I've always loved their music.

LC:  Yeah, me too.  WHO'S NEXT is one of my favorite albums.

BM:  Oh, yeah.  That is a staple of adult rock.

LC:  Absolutely. 

BM:  As well as....

LC:  "Behind Blue Eyes...."

BM:  But QUADROPHENIA is good.

LC:  QUADROPHENIA's great. LIVE AT LEEDS, I'm mean....
you know.

BM:  I kinda remember that.  Heh heh....people are saying, "There
he is as a 26-year-old on the Tonight Show & they're talking about
The Who."

- SCHRADE in Akron

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