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>From LSI Online News:

The Who star in Shure campaign

USA - Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend, founding members The Who, have used Shure microphones onstage for more than 40 years. Their energetic live shows are often highlighted by Daltrey swinging his microphone - a standard Shure SM58® - over his head in wide arcs. Now, the rockers famous for punishing their equipment explain their loyalty to the microphones that have been taking it for so long in the new Shure Reason Why advertising campaign.

The band is just one of the artists appearing in the campaign, which features performers talking candidly about why they have remained faithful to Shure microphones throughout their careers. Other performers appearing in the series include Maroon 5, Brad Paisley, G. Love, Martina McBride, and The Black Crowes. Each ad also promotes the artist's latest album release, concert tour, and website.

"Performers all over the world start with Shure and then stay with Shure throughout their careers," said Terri Hartman, Shure's director of global brand communications. "Many of them say that they won't walk onstage unless there's a Shure microphone waiting for them. We're thrilled to be able to share their stories with aspiring performers worldwide."

The ads focus on a number of different Shure microphones, including the BETA series, the SM58 and SM57, and various wireless models. The ads are appearing in several different publications that appeal to entry level and working musicians.
(Jim Evans)
(10 February 2009)

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