Superbowl setlist and Daltrey/Clapton

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Tue Dec 29 23:50:29 UTC 2009

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>> You're all wrong. They will lip synch to recently recorded edited
>> versions of the 3 CSI songs. There, I said it. LOL :)  Oh, the  
>> horror! :) No
>> rehearsing needed, no worry about Roger's voice, the perfect  
>> solution.

I've learned not to bet against Bruce, but I think he's being a bit  
tongue-in-cheek here.  I'm with those who don't think we'll get  
edited versions of anything.  Coincidentally -- or not -- the three  
CSI songs are the ones that are always played to backing tapes.   
Changing those up creates the specter of someone, anyone, getting  
lost and effing it all up while the tape chugs on unaffected. Too  
gruesome to contemplate.

I'm not going to predict the setlist but I will predict that we won't  
hear any edits or medleys that haven't already been done onstage --  
e.g., My Generation into Amazing Journey/Sparks would be a  
theoretical possibility.  And I also wouldn't be surprised if they  
run long.  These "unbreakable" time constraints are exactly what Pete  
likes to trample over -- his still-present "I'll do what I want"  
streak coming to the fore.  The higher-pressure the situation, the  
likelier Pete is to give it the finger in some form.  The only  
exception I can think of is Concert for New York.

Alan McKendree
"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."  --Pete  
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