not everyone happy w. who doing halftime show

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I've talked to both men via telephone and gave them a lesson of facts. 
Gillick came off as a witch hunter as I stumped him many times and he even 
admitted that he "could be wrong"
about Pete. The other, Daly, after 45 minutes I got him to say "I don't 
think Pete is a Pedophile. I think both men believe I was taping the phone 
conversations for legal reasons.
Well, they were right, I was and if they pursue this any further and cause 
any problems I have their admissions on record. I also talked to NFL 
spokesperson Joe Browne's office
who told me that they are satisfied with Pete's situation as someone not 
charged and is'
off the UK offender's list. They are impressed with his work with Double O 
and Teen Cancer Trust Charities. It's ONLY these two guys. Let's not give 
them the attention they crave in
their desire for 15 minutes of fame.
Mike S
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Evin Daly- edaly at - calling for no Superbowl
Kevin Gillick- protect1 at - calling for no visa

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