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Wed Dec 23 14:12:02 UTC 2009

From: <JOELTLE515 at aol.com>
> well, that was your average who concert, where they could pretty much do
> whatever the hell they want. the superbowl halftime show is TIMED, 
> practically militant. there will be ALOT of rehearsing, I can guarantee 
> you
> that!

Not the kind of rehearsing I'm talking about.  They'd need to play the newly 
formatted songs right the way through a dozen or more times.  They are not 
going to do that for one show.  Pete & Roger have been playing & singing 
these songs a certain way for 30-40 years. Ripping out a verse here or a 
chorus there, chopping up this solo or that interlude, is not going to be as 
easy as we're making it sound.  I only talk about the botching of songs to 
illustrate how they can get lost in songs that haven't changed for hundreds 
of shows.  It's particularly likely at the start of tours.  In just the 
handful of shows I've seen in the past 5 years, I've seen them botch Who Are 
You (Roger scrambled the lyrics), Baba (minor gaffe by Rabbit coming in 
early), Eminence Front (both guys seemed to completely lose their place), 
Love Ain't For Keeping (Pete solos over Roger starting a line), Mie Post 
Theme (Roger lost the lyrics completely) and a host of other minor lyric 
flubs that resulted in mumbling a line or two.  We've seen several youtube 
clips where songs needed to be restarted because of errors.  Other TV 
appearances (e.g., Black Widow's Eyes on Parkinson) have required multiple 
takes to get the song right.

I don't think any of that would be a problem if they just pick a few songs 
and play them like they're used to.  Some of the shorter oldies would be 
great for this format.  Baba is the shortest of the CSI songs, so I say end 
with that.

Jim M 

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