Happy Jack's 10 years old

Jim M Nakedi at comcast.net
Tue Dec 22 16:12:18 UTC 2009

From: <JOELTLE515 at aol.com>
> techincally, the "re-birthday" of the who is october 29th when they played
> the pixelon i-bash (their first performance since the end of the "quad" 
> tour
> in 1997, and their first performance as a five-piece since.... was it that
> awards presentation in 1988 at the royal albert hall in London?). then,
> like, the next night, they would do the bridge school benefit in 
> california, a
> few weeks later the house of blues in chicago, and THEN shepherd's bush
> empire a month after that.

That's true.  I'll call the Vegas Job show their "re-conception" (a quick 
one), and the four Blues to the Bush shows the rebirth (it was a long 
labor).  I was mistakenly thinking the London shows came before the Chicago 
ones, though.  In any case, 10 years ago today there was a very cool show in 
Shepherd's Bush.

> for me, 1999-2002 was a great time being a who fan.

No doubt the best era since Moon died.

Jim M 

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