Happy Jack's 10 years old

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> As I'm loading the boot 
> onto my iPod, I notice the date of the show is the same as today's date! 
> The Who were born again 10 years ago today!
> Happy Rebirthday to THE WHO!!!!!!!

techincally, the "re-birthday" of the who is october 29th when they played 
the pixelon i-bash (their first performance since the end of the "quad" tour 
in 1997, and their first performance as a five-piece since.... was it that 
awards presentation in 1988 at the royal albert hall in London?). then, 
like, the next night, they would do the bridge school benefit in california, a 
few weeks later the house of blues in chicago, and THEN shepherd's bush 
empire a month after that. 

I have to say, despite the whole pixelon thing being a sham, it made for 
one of the greatest who performances ever captured in film / video form. the 
scene in which pete windmills at a frantic pace and for about five seconds 
just wouldn't let up during the first song probably was the moment where 
everyone in that arena knew that the who everyone knew and loved (meaning, minus 
the "big band") was back big time! 

for me, 1999-2002 was a great time being a who fan. 

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