Superbowl setlist and Daltrey/Clapton

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Fri Dec 18 22:43:53 UTC 2009

You're all wrong. They will lip synch to recently recorded edited versions 
of the 3 CSI songs. There, I said it. LOL :)  Oh, the horror! :) No 
rehearsing needed, no worry about Roger's voice, the perfect solution.

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> Mc, I think the amount of tinkering you describe is exactly what they 
> would
> need to do to play all of those songs, and also exactly why they won't do
> it.  First, they'd need to get in a room and decide, here's where we're
> going to make the cuts & edits.  Then, someone would need to actually make
> the edits to all 3 synth tracks.  Then, the band would need to rehearse 
> the
> newly edited songs enough so that Roger can be sure he's not going to 
> screw
> up the lyrics in front of a billion people.  As it is, he has a tendency 
> to
> lose his place in songs he's been singing for decades.  I don't see him
> handling 3 totally re-worked songs with very little preparation.
> Or, they could pick a few songs like I Can't Explain & My Generation, 
> which
> only run 2 minutes anyway, add in one of the CSI tunes and not have to
> rehearse at all.  Which do you think they'll choose??
> Jim M

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