Superbowl setlist and Daltrey/Clapton

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Fri Dec 18 22:19:10 UTC 2009

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> Despite all of the predictions/suggestions, The Who will most certainly 
> play Baba, WAY and WGFA.  The set is 12 minutes and the three songs in 
> regular length are 20 minutes.  2 minutes can easily be cut out of BOR 
> (shorten the intro, let Pete come in with the guitar prior to the first 
> verse rather than after, go into chorus immediately after Pete's "it's 
> only teenage wasteland" rather than into 2nd verse, which leads right into 
> Rog's harmonica finale).  WAY would eliminate the last verse (saves almost 
> a minute), then if they went right back into the chorus rather than doing 
> the "who-ah, who-ahs" they could still do the finale and save another 3 
> minutes.  That leaves only 3 minutes to cut out of WGFA.  Cut out the 2nd 
> verse and let Pete do the extended solo after the first verse leading into 
> "I moved myself and my family aside..."  That saves 1 min 10 sec.  Let 
> Pete play just a short solo before the end synth sequence, which saves 
> another almost 2 minutes, still leaving Pete to go to town after the 
> scream.

Mc, I think the amount of tinkering you describe is exactly what they would 
need to do to play all of those songs, and also exactly why they won't do 
it.  First, they'd need to get in a room and decide, here's where we're 
going to make the cuts & edits.  Then, someone would need to actually make 
the edits to all 3 synth tracks.  Then, the band would need to rehearse the 
newly edited songs enough so that Roger can be sure he's not going to screw 
up the lyrics in front of a billion people.  As it is, he has a tendency to 
lose his place in songs he's been singing for decades.  I don't see him 
handling 3 totally re-worked songs with very little preparation.

Or, they could pick a few songs like I Can't Explain & My Generation, which 
only run 2 minutes anyway, add in one of the CSI tunes and not have to 
rehearse at all.  Which do you think they'll choose??

Jim M 

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