Roger on Super Bowl

Thu Dec 10 01:01:56 UTC 2009

what, you think "the who" these days are gonna grow a "rock n' roll" 
attitude / set of balls all of a sudden and just do "tommy" with a bit of MG 
thrown in? pha-leeze. 

they're gonna do condensed versions of the "CSI" themes in medley form, and 
you know it!   that's what the so-called "rockers" in suits with the CBS 
"eye" logo on the back wanna hear, ("ooooh! it's that creepy eye!!" ::sigh:: I 
miss mid-90's era david Letterman) and that's just what they're gonna get.  

BTW, I adore Jody Linscott.   last I heard, she's performing with tom Jones 
now. done some work with dido as well. 

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