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Who are You will def be played...
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Jim wrote:

 > I can't imagine them not playing any of the major anthems. I'm coming 
around to the thought that there
will need to be some kind of medley of them, but the idea still scares me.
 > I'd rather see: I Can't Explain (2:15), My Generation (no jam, 2:15), 
Pinball Wizard (3:00),
 Baba O'Riley (5:15). Who Are You and Won't Get Fooled Again are just 
too long.
 > I'd rather not see them chop them up.

We need songs that illustrate the power and versatility of the old Who, 
while highlighting the strengths
of the current band.  That includes Simon on both backing vocals and 
guitar, and Rabbit on piano
and organ.

My big concern with Tommy is that they will be tempted to bring a whole 
of backing vocals and horn arrangements on stage - just watch 'em 
(insert Jody Linscott comment here.)
Will they bring out any *special guests*?   I don't think so.   For the 
concert for New York, they
slipped into their comfort zone, and while it had a huge impact, us 
hardcore fans watched a re-run.

So, how about Long Live Rock.   That's got both Roger and Pete on 
vocals, piano and a rocking
chorus that everyone can sing along with.

Joe in Philly

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