Roger on Super Bowl

keithjmoon70 at keithjmoon70 at
Wed Dec 9 21:31:57 UTC 2009

>The Tommy section of the last show I went to was >20 minutes (using  the 
>as reference).  Amazing Journey/Sparks alone is 11  minutes.

>I can't imagine them not playing any of the major  anthems.  I'm coming 
>around to the thought that there will need to  be some kind of medley of 
>them, but the idea still scares me.  I'd  rather see: I Can't Explain 
>My Generation (no jam, 2:15),  Pinball Wizard (3:00), Baba O'Riley (5:15). 
>Who Are You and Won't Get  Fooled Again are just too long.  I'd rather not 
>see them chop them  up.

Me neither.
I think WGFA, BOR, WAY etc are not only too long for this, these songs have 
 already been used for their proper purpose in that cathartic healing at 
the  CFNY. It's been captured.  I know these are the corporate shoe ins from  
But...What I think should happen is opening with My Generation hitting it  
hard and doing a Live at Leeds version with all the Tommy.
It starts strong, makes that MG statement to the kids and finishes with a  
sing-along prayer.
Jon in Mi

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