Roger on Super Bowl

Jim M Nakedi at
Wed Dec 9 19:49:19 UTC 2009

From: "O'Neal, Kevin W." <Kevin.ONeal at>

> I've been thinking this one over for quite a while.
> I think Martin and Jon are spot on.
> It brings their biggest album (Tommy).  One of their biggest hits (PBW).
> And, ends with the most classic concert ending in history.
> I do need a clarification....
> Would it just be Amazing Journey, or would it also include Sparks (enough 
> time?)?

The Tommy section of the last show I went to was >20 minutes (using the boot 
as reference).  Amazing Journey/Sparks alone is 11 minutes.

I can't imagine them not playing any of the major anthems.  I'm coming 
around to the thought that there will need to be some kind of medley of 
them, but the idea still scares me.  I'd rather see: I Can't Explain (2:15), 
My Generation (no jam, 2:15), Pinball Wizard (3:00), Baba O'Riley (5:15). 
Who Are You and Won't Get Fooled Again are just too long.  I'd rather not 
see them chop them up.

Jim M 

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