Roger on Super Bowl

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Dec 9 19:10:49 UTC 2009

Kevin wrote:

 > I think Martin and Jon are spot on. It brings their biggest album 
(Tommy). One of their biggest hits (PBW).
And, ends with the most classic concert ending in history.

 > I do need a clarification.... Would it just be Amazing Journey, or 
would it also include Sparks (enough time?)?

If they performed Overture, they could hit all the high points of 
Tommy.   I do like the idea of a SMFM / LTY for a finale,
but focusing solely on Tommy really doesn't do justice to their depth of 
material.    What about My Generation?

Who Are You?

What about Quad?

Where have I been?

How Can You Do It Alone?

Why should I care?


Can I buy your Magic Bus?

I think they should spend all 20 minutes on an extended Magic Bus jam!  ;-)

Joe in Philly

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