Roger on Super Bowl

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Wed Dec 9 18:27:10 UTC 2009

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>>I think a Tommy Medley would fill this slot nicely.
>>Overture, Amazing Journey, Pinball Wizard...
>>Then the Listening  to You finale should really get the crowd going, and 
>>craving for more  Who.
>I agree!
>They're gonna need to dust off the HIWATTS for this one.

I've been thinking this one over for quite a while.
I think Martin and Jon are spot on.
It brings their biggest album (Tommy).  One of their biggest hits (PBW).
And, ends with the most classic concert ending in history.

I do need a clarification....
Would it just be Amazing Journey, or would it also include Sparks (enough time?)?

Kevin in VT

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