who stuff in latest "rolling stone" issue

Jim nakedi at comcast.net
Wed Dec 2 12:50:52 UTC 2009

From: "Martin Bailey" <martin.bailey at netsoltech.com>

>> a photo of roger in his bathing suit on the beach in florida being
>> sprayed down by his, "man-bitch"... (should make sara happy. ha!)
> Thanks Ernie:
> It's now there for everyone to see, from here:
> http://sites.google.com/site/mobaileyorg/Home/magazines

Is that Ted Kennedy?

> EW!

Yeah, Endless Wire rocks!!

> Tip: Don't Look!

Too late!  Hey, does anyone else think Rog is looking a little chunkier than 
the shirt open, 6 pack on stage shots we usually get?  Whatever, though.  I 
hope I'm in as good a shape at his age.

Jim M 

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