daltrey explains his belief in homeopathic treatment

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Wed Dec 2 05:19:30 UTC 2009

someone sent me this article. not sure what the source is:

In a new interview with the Times Online, The Who frontman Roger Daltrey 
explained the reasons behind his belief in alternative medicine.  During a 
health scare with his then 9-month-old son Jamie, now 27, Roger says that a 
homeopathic treatment regimen ultimately saved his life.  Jamie developed 
unexplainable gastrointestinal issues to such an extent that he "turned into skin 
and bone," Roger recalled.  

> At the hospital, they did every test to him, and in the end they just 
> handed him back to me. My wife and I were in bits. My poor baby. The kid was 
> dying. It was terrifying. I thought, there’s got to be something. I’d heard 
> of homeopathy, so I found a local guy in the Yellow Pages and took my boy 
> there. He gave him some powders. Within two weeks he was putting weight on, 
> keeping the food down. The trouble recurred periodically for a couple of 
> years, but he’s now 27, a fit and healthy young man. 

Roger’s faith in homeopathy was reaffirmed recently when a friend shared a 
similar experience.
> He thought he was about to lose [his baby]. But I recommended homeopathic 
> remedies, and he recovered too. That’s God’s honest truth. Now I bet 
> doctors would say, ‘Oh they’d have got better anyway’. But I can’t believe 
> that.

Roger, 65, and his wife Heather have been married for 37 years.  

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