The Who photography exhibition at Proud Galleries, 24th September - 15th November

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Thu Aug 27 12:11:20 UTC 2009

Press release I got in e-mail:

Proud Central presents  
The Who: In the Beginning 

Exhibition runs: 24th September - 15th November 2009

London’s most explosive  rock band The Who will be profiled  in an exhibition shot by  internationally  renowned 
photographer Colin Jones. With a seasoned ability  to capture  the raw essence of a moment, Jones’ work pays 
homage to the pioneering troupe with revealing precision.

Marking 45 years since The Who’s formation, and a decade since their seminal “My Generation” earned a place 
in the Grammy Hall of Fame, this exhibition brings Jones’ chronicle of The Who to life.

As well as capturing their vibrant on-stage presence, this series of telling photographs presents the band from a 
more intimate and personal angle. We see Daltrey as he dries his hair, Entwistle practising the guitar whilst his 
mother darns his socks, and the whole band shopping for new suits off the King’s Road.

A must-see for fans and photography lovers alike, this unique exhibition sheds new light on one of Britain’s most 
iconic and most loved bands.
 -Brian in Atlanta
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