Pete's Writing a New Musical...

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Tue Aug 25 15:11:24 UTC 2009

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Subject: Pete's Writing a New Musical...

> Glad he is grappling with issues most of his fans can relate to.........
>    Me and Rog...we never really understood TBWHM...

Yeah, bring it on!  Floss, eh?  Sounds like something I can get my teeth 
into!  Seriously, he needs help with titles.  But, what the hey, this sounds 
like a good way Pete can exercise his artsy-fartsy side, while leaving room 
for Roger & The Who to perform some of the work.  A little like Iron Man, 
which I liked a lot more than many folks.  The problem with that was mainly 
the touring band they put together and the decision to play huge stadiums.

Listen to me.  I'm talking like this is actually going to happen!

Jim M 

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