Rock Star Cars and Guitars

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Aug 20 21:08:06 UTC 2009

A friend of mine just got back from a trip to Detroit.  While there he went to the Henry Ford Museum that currently has an exhibit of Rock Star Cars and Guitars.  Included are:

-Pete's smashed Rickenbacker from 1989. Accidently knocked over then he decided to "finish it off." (interestingly he mounted and framed it himself)
-Pete's White 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II Hardtop Coupe
-Floor tom from the Pictures of Lily drum kit 
-Roger smashed tamborine, harmonica, and mic with cord
-A 6-string Dan Electro bass of John's.
-one of Roger's outfits (white jacket, black shirt, jeans)
-One of John's Buzzard basses

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