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Martin Bailey mbailey at
Mon Aug 17 12:18:12 UTC 2009

>From the Liverpool Echo:

>As for what The Who is up to now?

> "This summer I'm writing, rather aimlessly at the moment. 
> What I come up with may work for a Who recording, it may not. 
> If it works, we'll be back doing the old tricks with a few new songs no one really wants to hear.

I want to hear it!

If this is the start of the gradual rumour-mill leading up to a new Who album, then that would be just fantastic.  But, I can't get at all excited about it yet.  Because I know that, in reality, a new album is still a year or so away.

Just as a comparison: 

I read this PT interview Saturday morning.  
I felt a very small amount of excitement.

On the same morning, I also read a rumour that Radiohead may be releasing a surprise new EP on Monday.  
I felt a very LARGE amount of excitement.

Come Monday morning: yep, Radiohead have released a new song, and you can download it for free, on their website:

Remember the days when used to be like that?  Pete would record something, think that we might like it, and upload it for us all to enjoy.  I miss those old days.  Why can't he do this from

Radiohead are now well known for releasing free/cheap digital music in this fashion.  But it was actually Pete who was doing this YEARS ago.

Pete now seems to have reverted back to the old pre-internet days, where music is recorded behind closed doors, and fans don't get to hear it until the physical album is their CD player.

Pete seems to have gone backwards, whereas Radiohead have moved forward.  

> "If it doesn't work I'll be doing a Damon Albarn and coming up with a slide projector, 
> some arty-farty friends, and a bunch of actors trying to make sense of whatever it is - 
> as Roger Daltrey would say - emerges when I go up my own arse.

Sounds like Psychoderelict 2.

Actually: doesn't sound at all bad.  Most of Pete's best work is pulled out of his arse. 

(But I would prefer the new Who Album option, of course.  Please.)


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