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Sun Aug 16 02:07:29 UTC 2009

>Set in London and Brighton at the height of the Mod era, Quadrophenia  is 
told through the eyes of Jimmy, a >hedonistic style-conscious teenager  
searching for a place to belong and a girl to love.

>"Good rock music, as we now call my kind of pop, must be functional, it  
has to do something more than >just entertain."

>"The mods I had known were all more gentle souls, effete in some ways,  
certainly intelligent and creative," >he explains. "What the older generation  
missed was the enormous inner struggle many of the mods were >going  

>"Suddenly, around the time of the mods, young people were  aware of 
individual responsibility, especially for >their own emotional  safety and sense 
of security, and for their sense of belonging."
Yeah, I feel like that, too.  I've always felt like that.  Now  that I 
can't hear so well anymore, the answer is what? Death is on it's way and  I 
can't stop it either. In the Ether.
Jon in Mi

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