Roger meet and greet questions

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Sun Aug 9 23:35:27 UTC 2009

It depends, but in general it's after the show.  You will be put in a 
commons room backstage.  There might be free drinks and snacks available. 
Roger will come in and everyone will be told to get in a line.  Handlers 
will be there to keep it going smoothly.

I noticed originally the M&G said one signed 8X10 and a personal item.  That 
means one item you bring signed and the photo. If this is the case the 
photos will be pre-signed (handed to you by handlers along with the other 
goodies) and Roger will sign your item in front of you.  It was later 
changed to just the photo. If this is the case they give you the photo and 
Roger signs it for you.  Beforehand handlers will already know if he is 
willing to sign anything else or not and will tell you.  You will be allowed 
a photo op with him.  Bring your camera.

The whole time spent with Roger by each person (depending on how many are 
there) will be about 30-45 seconds.  You will not be allowed to carry on a 
long conversation. Handlers will shoo you along if you take too long. 
You'll have enough time to say something profound like "That was a greatest 
show ever" or "I'm your biggest fan."  He'll say "thank you" and that's 
that. :)

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> Is anyone familiar with how a "meet and greet" works? I purchased this
> ticket type for the Red Bank, NJ show. Does it usually occur before or 
> after
> the show? Do you actually get to meet Roger and take a picture with him 
> (in
> an organized fashion) or are you just allowed backstage and anything goes?
> Thanks.

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