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> One sketch was a parody of the "Frost/Nixon" film trailer.  But, the 
> interview / interviewees were replaced by classic, very British, interviews.  
> This sketch format was then repeated three times during the show.  Eg: 
> "Parkinson/Emu", "Wogan/Grace Jones(?)", "Aspel/Oliver Reed".
> But the best bit was: each trailer had the same soundtrack, starting with 
> Baba O'Riley, ending with The Seeker.  Not only was it good to hear those 
> songs, but it also made for a good satire on all film trailers having Who 
> soundtracks nowadays.
> Also in the same show, a fake news broadcast included the ticker-tape 
> headline which read: 
>   "Pete Townshend still not released his autobiography.".  
> This ran across the bottom of the screen twice.  Almost funny.

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