Pino - Where The Light Is (John Mayer)

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Thu Aug 6 21:10:44 UTC 2009

Whoa!   I was never trying to claim a new discovery and touch the wall 
first if that is what you
are getting at.   I'm not that good.     Just sharing a Who-related 
observation on a
Who list that only has 23 posts on 5 different threads so far this month.

When I see the image of John "Rabbit" Bundrick in my oatmeal, I'll be 
sure to cash in
on my discovery.   ;-)


JOELTLE515 at wrote:
> In a message dated 8/6/2009 4:48:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> lewinski at writes:
>> Just saw a John Mayer CD on a colleague's desk.  Opened it
>> up and who is staring at me but Pino Palladino!
>> Surprise!
> I think a number of people on this list knows that he was (or is) the 
> bassist in the "John mayer trio". 

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