Roger interview in Billboard

Martin Bailey mbailey at
Thu Aug 6 13:03:43 UTC 2009

Brian quoted Billboard:

> Daltrey, meanwhile, is not ruling out the possibility of another solo album, though he
> hasn't released one since 1992's "Rocks in the Head."

> "I think I've got one more really good album in me," he says. "I'm working on ideas. There's
> whole new dimensions to come out of me, I think. It's finding the material, but the way I
> always feel is there must be an enormous amount of really talented songwriters out there who
> can't sing, so please send me your songs."

So why doesn't Roger do an album of old blues songs, just like The Who were considering doing a year or so ago?  (Until Pete pulled out the next day.)  

Roger can use the same backing band he's touring with.  It won't be as good as Pete, Zak, etc of course, but they would certainly do it justice.   And, to quote Ernie: it can be "produced by T-Bone Burnett!"

This would put the remains of his voice to good use.

I've never been excited about an RD solo album before, but this might just work...


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