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Mmm. one more really good album? is that to go with the other one?

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> y know, last I heard of roger's
> voice, it isn't that good anymore.  "use it 
> or lose it"?  he's lost it. sorry.   he
> said his voice is better than it's 
> ever been.  wow....  maybe a bit TOO
> over-confident?
> maybe he should allow key changes in the songs. when
> genesis went out last 
> time, phil collins was honest and admitted that he couldn't
> sing the songs 
> in the key they were originally recorded in, so they
> changed it for the tour, 
> and it actually worked out quite well. now, obviously,
> genesis songs aren't 
> who songs, but it's a suggestion. 
> he said he thinks he has one more good album in him. 
> I agree.  a Johnny 
> cash tribute album produced by T-bone burnett!  it's
> better for his voice I 
> think.   one more "GOOD" album in him? 
> you mean daltrey's solo albums were 
> good? 
> the who are gonna go out again in the future?
> ::sigh::  talk about milking 
> it, y know?  Let me guess, they'll start with "can't
> explain" and end with 
> "tea and theatre"?  wow.... how exciting.....  
> well, all I can say is that I hope roger proves me wrong. 
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