Roger interview in Billboard

Mon Aug 3 21:55:16 UTC 2009

y know, last I heard of roger's voice, it isn't that good anymore.  "use it 
or lose it"?  he's lost it. sorry.   he said his voice is better than it's 
ever been.  wow....  maybe a bit TOO over-confident?

maybe he should allow key changes in the songs. when genesis went out last 
time, phil collins was honest and admitted that he couldn't sing the songs 
in the key they were originally recorded in, so they changed it for the tour, 
and it actually worked out quite well. now, obviously, genesis songs aren't 
who songs, but it's a suggestion. 

he said he thinks he has one more good album in him.  I agree.  a Johnny 
cash tribute album produced by T-bone burnett!  it's better for his voice I 
think.   one more "GOOD" album in him?  you mean daltrey's solo albums were 

the who are gonna go out again in the future? ::sigh::  talk about milking 
it, y know?  Let me guess, they'll start with "can't explain" and end with 
"tea and theatre"?  wow.... how exciting.....  

well, all I can say is that I hope roger proves me wrong. 

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