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Wed Apr 29 09:10:17 UTC 2009

John said:

I've always found the Stones to be a great pop singles band, rtather than a
live band. 

Although to be fair to the Stones I've never sen them live, I have heard
boots of them, and of course get yer ya ya's out, all of which sounded poor.

However, let me strike a light in favour of the Stones, when I were nobbut a
lad, in't '60's, their singles were among the very best ever.

If you take the period 1963 to 1971, they produced these great chart hits;

> Not fade away
> It's all over now
> Little Red Rooster
> Satisfaction
> Get off my cloud
> 19th Nervous Breakdown
> Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
> Paint it black
> Can you see your baby standing in the shadows
> Jumpin' Jack Flash
> Street fighting man
> Honky Tonk Women
> Brown Sugar

Other absolutely great tracks off early albums were 

The Last Time
Under my Thumb
Mother's little helper
Stupid Girl
```````````````````````````````````Amen to that! They were at their peak in the 60s, I think. And let's not forget the very strong influence they had on Pete as a writer...not to mention the windmill action he nicked from Keef (with Keef's blessing, as we all know!).I've never had any desire to see the Stones...but I have fond memories of their music as a child in the 60s...and spent more than one wild night getting drunk and dancing to Tattoo You in high school with friends.

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