Shine A Light

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Tue Apr 28 13:43:53 UTC 2009

Joe wrote:
>I just viewed the first 40 minutes of Shine A Light...
Joe, that was very well written!  You should write more.
I saw Shine A Light at the Henry Ford museum on a big ole IMAX screen with  
some real good sound, so I really dug it.  I agree with the comments about  
it being so contrived,  but wasn't the Rock and Roll circus contrived? -  
until the Who showed up.
Mick can still do his thing as a man in his mid sixties. He's the ultimate  
front man. I thought the film clips from past interviews, especially the 
ones of  Charlie Watts were hilarious. And Charlie's playing was solid as 
ever.  Keith had just had his bell rung falling out of that tree, (?) so he was 
a  bit out of it, but man, did Ronnie Wood make up for that. 
The Stones can't help it, we're just spoiled. How are you going to top the  
Who?  With lyrics? With your live show?  With your history? With your  
attitude?  The stones may have gotten a blimp, and can fill up stadiums  like 
Wrestle Mania IV, but the Who remains the best rock band ever.
Jon in Mi.

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