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Sun Apr 26 00:53:34 UTC 2009

Just to elaborate on what I wrote before about the Stones: A) Still love the tunes, B) Love sloppiness and improv, it's just that Mick's refusal to sing makes me feel like he doesn't care, and finally C) I've only seen the Stones once - in 1981 - and it wasn't horrible, but I haven't seen them live since. As an addendum, I too would love Pete & Rog to mix up the setlist a bit (I was apoplectic when they played Tatoo in Detroit when I saw them a few months ago), but I understand why they keep the list the same, because they put it together for the 95% of the audience - unlike us on this list - who don't see them multiple times per tour.

-Chris in Cleveland

---- JOELTLE515 at wrote: 
> in the words of peter griffin from "family guy", "you guys are asses!"
> but seriously, some points from stubborn ol' me:
> >> I saw "shine a light" at a cinema here when it came out. which is rare 
> for me since I don't "go to" movies. and I must say, it was a great 
> experience for me. probably the next best thing to seeing the stones in person. 
> (cheaper too)
> >> the stones are a rock n' roll band. plain and simple. you wanna see a 
> "show", meaning where the singer is singing "notes" and everything is 
> "perfect", no "sloppiness", go to the opera or a classical concert. 
> >> you saw the Jack white spot, but did you see the spot with buddy guy? 
> KILLER!   someone went on and on about that mick should be dancing with women 
> onstage. I take it you didn't see the spot in the film with christina 
> aguilera? or mick with sheryl crow on one of their other DVDs? 
> >> the stones and springsteen are great to see live because you never know 
> exactly what the setlist is gonna be. in other words, an "ultimate rock 
> experience". danger, anticipation, wonder.  meanwhile, the who have been doing 
> the same boring / dragged out setlist since, what, two years ago?  not sure 
> about the stones, but I have a feeling when you see bruce and the E street 
> band, you definitely get your money's worth.     and by the way, if you guys 
> aren't really fans of bruce or the stones, why see them live?  give the 
> tickets to me next time, I'll go. ; )
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