WN or quad?

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Sat Apr 25 02:55:50 UTC 2009

>Quadrophenia takes  some attentive energy to get into.  
>It is like surgery on your soul, not to  mention a sonic battery on the 
>senses.  But then there's the  big payoff at the end.

...Soooooooo true. Couldn't have put it better myself. This is what I absolutely love about this album, as well as its production....the tracks are so well mixed and all the instruments are clear as can be making it and explosive album.

I also love the innovation of the synth on the Who's Next album and fell in love with all of the songs as well...

However someone pointed out earlier that...
>In the end, I think that which album you like best depends on what particular part of the >nature of The Who is strongest in you: if it is the musical innovation and explosive power, >Who's Next is #1, if you are more into Pete's thoughtful lyrics then you lean toward Quad.

...And to tell the truth, while i love the musical innovation, explosive power, and Pete's thoughful lyrics, I also love the sensibility and sometimes simplicity that the band accomplishes with Tommy. Tommy was the first who album I heard and I instantly fell in love with it. I still get amazed at how the story was created and the little things that you hear one day, and realized you hadn't heard before. The demos and the alternative studio takes are great as well..

And that is why I belive the best WHO album is neither Who's Next nor Quadrophenia, but rather Tommy. After all, if it wasn't for Tommy, the band wouldn't have existed to write and record the later albums.

Pato H.

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