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Fri Apr 24 22:33:40 UTC 2009

>When you see The Who, good or bad, you get your money's worth.
Right on, Chris!
I remember seeing the '89 Who on ice tour and feeling the frustration of  
seeing Pete playing acoustic accompaniment with that other dude playing  
Now Pete plays lead electric.  Fantastically.   Ferociously.  For a limited 
time.  I don't regret seeing one latter  day Who show, predictable set list 
or not. 
Oh, and please, all do yourself a favor and go and get the In The  Attic 
DVD at your local Best Buy if you want to see the best  rock guitarist do what 
he does best. As I watched Pete playing in my living  room, my two sons  
(17 and 20) stopped in their tracks and sat down to  watch.  They're both 
guitar players.  My youngest son said "I can play  what Joe Purdy is playing, 
but I could never do what Pete is doing.   There's just no one like him."  
Heads shook several times.  My oldest  said "Pete is just so dynamic"  and 
I could listen to him sing and play all day long  and many days I do.
Jon in Mi.

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