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Basically what i've been saying to people over the last 20 years. I just dont get what they are about. A good pub band is my description of the Stones and always will be.

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> Hey,
> I just viewed the first 40 minutes of Shine A Light.
> I placed this in my Netflix queue about 6 months ago,
> because I heard such great things about the Stones
> when they were doing the big-venue, small-venue
> tour a few years back.  I heard they were doing
> a very varied set and was curious to hear some rare
> stones songs from back in the day.
> I stopped it half-way through and have since returned
> it.   Hoping that No Direction Home will arrive by the
> weekend.
> I found it so contrived that I couldn't stomach it.   I
> used to like the Stones a lot, but they are so
> one-dimensional
> in my opinion.  The highlight of my short view was when
> Jack White joined Mick for a song.
> The whole lead up about the set list not being finalized
> and
> Martin Scorsese mugging at the camera, acting like he
> doesn't have control over the band, or the set, or
> stage...
> I felt like I was watching a Monkey's episode with
> Davey
> tied up under a barrel in plain sight of the other
> band-members.
> The pre-show meet and greet with Bill Clinton made my
> teeth hurt.
> Mick's dancing is so contrived.  Keith and Ronnie stand
> around
> having little discussions while a song is being played,
> taking
> drags from their cigarettes, like they've been placed
> in the
> slammer overnight to sleep off a drunken stupor.  The music
> seems to drag, and any edge to phrasing that
> Mick's had years ago is gone, gone gone, and with it,
> the
> magic too.   Shattered was shattering.  Some Girls had
> as much danger as a Junior prom.  The whole performance
> had a desperation feel to it.    I don't get it.
> Musically, I don't connect with the stones either. 
> I've never
> hooked up with a gin soaked bar-room queen, so I don't
> relate.
> The Who at their worst are better than what the Stones are
> doing on this gig.
> Now I know why I've selected the Target over the
> Tongue!
> Joe in Philly
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